Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Favorite Decor Elements of the Week: VIP Wedding

This weekends wedding was in full Rock and Roll swing with a romantic touch. Everything from the lounge decor, stage installments, and centerpieces screamed VIP, rock and roll style.  Concepts behind this decor included using a very simple yet strong color palette; gold, black and ivory.  Contrasting textures, patterns, and fabrics really enhanced and provided great detail to each environment.  

When I said this event screamed VIP, check out the lounge.   Roped off to create that high roller VIP section.   I love this lounge decor.  Lace covered coffee tables, mixed clear and solid cylinders, floating candles and fun gold and black accent pillows.  So pretty!!  We also designed a credenza, to separate the dance floor from this fabulous lounge, another way to make this lounge more exclusive.  A long 10 foot acrylic platform, placed on clear columns topped with a long line of cylinders with floating candles.  

Each centerpiece design had a dynamic combination of different cylinders, vases, and platforms.  Every cylinder was adorned with golden chains or a delicate lace treatment and lit with black floating candles.  It was all about the details for these designs. 

What a fabulous cake, provided by Fantasy Frostings! A beautiful five tier cake designed with an awesome lace border.  Check out our double platform for the cake.  A combination of the color palette for the platforms which were accented with a diamond shaped broach and ivory ostrich feathers.

More images to come!!! Stay connected with us!