Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Favorite Decor Elements of the Week: Pink Pink Pink!!!

This weekend we had an amazing event at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach.  Theme... color... style... pink..pink..pink.  Check out some of my favorite design elements.  

Ceremony decor bursting with hues of pink from the floral pieces, columns, Mandap fabric and garlands, and lighting.  Large floral balls guttered the aisle, while a grand cluster of columns, floral pieces and vases all at different heights made a stunning entrance.

Check out one design from the reception.  Large floral trophs accented with hanging crystals lined the black   walk-way which guided the guests to the dance floor.

I'd thought I would share this image with you!  Below is our floral cooler.  Somehow, some way we seem to make it work.  This weekend we definitely hit max capacity!