Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inspired by the Art of Pavé

Intricate, precise, and planned.  These three words help describe what it takes to begin forming a pave design.  Just as diamonds are set, where there is no metal to be shown, our pave designs involve flowers being glued into specific places as to where nothing is seen except a detailed design of flowers. 

I was inspired to blog about pave designs when I came across this image from a window display.   It prompted me to showcase some of my favorite pave designs we have created in the past.  

This image below is actually a bridesmaid bouquet.  A detailed biedermeier pattern, which began with orange spray roses and lead to white then green mums.  An addition of a single white orchid just to add more detail!  This bouquet was actually part of the couples theme "squaring a circle", which actually symbolizes unity.  Each decor element for this particular wedding focused on two basic shapes, a square and a circle making this pave design a perfect touch to the theme of the couples wedding! 

This design was a backdrop for a stage.  Frames hanging at varying heights each detailed differently either with flowers, chain, or lace fabric.  I love the frame filled with all white roses, so lush and pretty.  

 We created a pave backdrop design, for Enzoani's fashion runway.  Each letter was cut out then covered with a variety of green, purple, and pink flowers.

Adding detail to our lounge decor, we used swirled pave floral balls to add color and shape.  

 This venue had an amazing garden-like wall which provided such a beautiful backdrop by itself.  Inspired by this green wall, we designed an organic frame which had flowers cascading out of the front.  What a fun addition to an amazing wall.

Last but not least! I love this Ganesh!!!

Go to www.shawnayamamoto.com to see more of our pave designs!