Sunday, December 27, 2009


Where do you find inspiration? I find it all around me. Take a moment the next time you go to the mall, the park, or a museum. Sometimes the inspiration isn't on display, but all around it.

Here is a recent trip I took to get inspired. It's at the J.Paul Getty Mansion in Malibu. I am not the best photographer and do plan on upgrading my camera in the very near don't pay attention to the quality of the image so much as the content.

I love taking these trips! Some are planned while others are spontaneous moments I catch with my camera! Here is another outing I had at a local mall. I love window shopping but it's never for clothes but rather the crazy, amazing displays retailers use to market there product. Oh! I would love to get my hands on a plethora of vintage light bulbs!!

The message today is to keep your eyes might see something that you love! Snap a picture of it and bring it to me and challenge me to do something with it to make a reality design made especially for you!