Sunday, December 27, 2009

Modern Fushia Bridal Shower

An intimate bridal shower doesn't have to come pre-packaged. I think we have all seen enough of the paper banners, balloons and confetti..let's spice it up a bit. The bridal shower doesn't have to spell out BRIDAL SHOWER...right? After all, we are sophisticated woman sending off our best girlfriend to be wed~

Every great party should have a coordinating signature drink. Here we took champagne mixed with fresh berries and garnished it with an edible fushia orchid.
As a favor, each guest was given a new pair of slippers to wear and take home! This also was a great way to protect the floors from dirty shoes! Notice the coordinating containers the shoes are put in? Presentation is everything!A miniature cupcake was used as our placecard holders with a added punch of luxury with a fushia orchid. Notice how the napkin is folded to add color between the salad plate and the luncheon plate? These modern white plates cost just as much as the traditional round china one can why not do it up a bit different? A modern tablescape was created using a river of crushed colored glass & sleek sexy white vases. Every other vase was full of orchids and while the others had either a single Dahlia bloom or the simplisity of beautiful green tropical leaves.

Hopefully, you have found inspiration in this simple yet modern shower. We enjoy doing these small intimate events for our clients.