Friday, October 23, 2009

Monthly Bouquet Insight: Stop the insanity!

I don't want to insult anyone here, but really? Another bouquet that looks like the other 1,000 bouquets that are proudly sported on the cover of the latest issue of your favorite bridal magazine?

I see the bouquets as an accessory. Taking nothing as an assumption - I always ask, will you be having your girls carry flowers? They don't have to carry a bouquet, right? It's okay..we can stray away from ordinary. When you shop for accessories, don't you go for something that speaks to you? Something that is different, interesting, and matches the outfit you want to pair it with? Let's not let another bouquet be designed without these same needs considered!

Here are a few of my favorite ones I've been able to design for my brides.

Dried palm leaves were painted and then wrapped into a continues cascade of loops to create this european designer inspired interpretation. Beautiful purple Vanda orchids and lily grass finished the design nicely. Photo provided by JohnandJosephPhotography.

The handle is hard to see on this one, but the handle was made out of an acrylic tube and was accented by purple gems. We added a collar of textured branches to help the bouquet scream texture.
This was on of our sustainable design bouquets. Here we used motherboards from a recycled computer and added a few locally grown calla, low watering succulents and some greens. The handle is wrapped with recycled ribbon (from an older box wrap we did) and screws & wire from the dismantling of the computer were used to accent the handle.

And even more fabulous ones are in the making. We cannot wait to see how the images turned out for one we just did for Ceremony Magazine!

I have a bride that is using amazing hand-painted Chinese parasols for her girls and we are accenting the hand that holds the handle with a chunky turquoise bracelet with beautiful orchids and some tropical accents!

Come on, bring it on! Let us design something especially for you!