Saturday, October 24, 2009

Design Process: Ricky & Sonal's Wedding

Process sounds daunting. I don't want you to think what I do is "process". I hated that word in my old corporate job. Yet, what I do is somewhat of a "process". Creative in nature.

During the initial consultation I find out fairly quickly if my client is looking to have her wedding designed for her or if she has already figured it out with all the clippings she has seen and saved. Have I already told you how much I love creative freedom? It's important for an artist to have.

I've thought about why I have had all the jobs that I have. I realize now that the job I had investigating required me to listen..listen..and listen. Within the words, within the hesitation, you find something unspoken that even the speaker doesn't hear...but me.
Also, as an investigator, one is required to be able to observe. Observation...observation...collecting evidence..(clippings, textures, images)..this is one of my favorite times.
Looking through the bridal "bibles" every bride creates. The images that are explained to me as "it's not exactly what I want, but I like the.." , "the colors are wrong, but the..", I already now, you need not explain.

I quickly realized that not every bride knows what they want, even those that think they know what they want, really don't know what they want simply because they haven't seen it yet.

That is what I am here for. To listen, observe, collect, examine, consider, wonder, play and determine. I thought I left that investigating job..or did I? It is a process..can I call it something different, please?

At the end of the beginning to it all, I have sketches and descriptions of what I pulled from the consultation. I have recommendations. I have a vision of which I pulled through your eyes. I have a desire to make that vision a reality no matter how small or how big that day is..after all, they are all magical days for you, your guests...and even for me.

Here is an example of a recent process of Ricky & Sonal Bhasin's wedding reception we did on 08/01/09.

You can see from the image on top that my sketch had the overall look solid, but through follow-up meetings, discussions and additions, the stage was slightly modified to suit the clients needs.
Sketches help my clients "see" what I see and to hopefully give them a more informed idea as to what my narrative really means. This way, they really know what they are going to get..and what to expect from us upon execution!