Friday, October 23, 2009

Sustainable Design Project II: Wedding Dress De-contruction REVEALED!

Here are a couple images from a photo shoot we did with our vintage wedding gown. The idea was to repurpose something old, something used, something borrowed, nothing blue, and a bit of somethings new.

For your intimate sustainable design, consider repurposing your mother or great grandmothers gown into something eco-fabulous. The head table can be covered by an amazing linen, napkins can be wrap with bits of lace or the centerpeice can be the transformation. Here, we did it all.

The napkins are wrapped with the sleeves, the chairs are accented by the gowns boddice, antique costume jewelry adorn the bridal bouquet.The skirt of the wedding dress was shreaded into peices and let to hang loosely around a wreath ring. We dangled a few crystals from my inventory and attached it to a tower of glasses. These cups were from my great grandmothers collection that was handed down to me many years ago. I glued them together to create a 3' tall tower. We then added some roses, fern and orchids to accent the base.

Recipe: Rentals were provided by Create a Party Rentals in Brea, California. Photography courtesy of Design assistance provided by Nicole Garcia. Special thank you to Carbon Canyon Regional Park for the beautiful backdrop to our tabletop. China, stemware is personal collection.