Thursday, June 6, 2013

Real Wedding: Earthly Beauty

Hummingbird Nest Ranch sets up a gorgeous natural landscape and backdrop for this wedding.  The mountainside in the background and natural plants that surround the entire venue, makes it a perfect match for our earthly decor.  Ceremony decor consisted of oversized sandblasted manzanita trees, flanking each corner of the stage creating our base for our structure  (Side note, as our team was setting up this decor we viewed a surreal and absolutely amazing lightning storm in the valley below).  We attached clusters of peach, orange and pink florals to the branches to add that pop of color and texture.  Reception decor stayed consistent in color palette.  Low designs for the tables, we designed a crawling grapevine intertwined with clusters of florals.  An addition of golden candles added that soft touch of glowing light to the reception. 

A special thanks to Joe Buissink Studio for the gorgeous images.