Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Real Wedding: Grand Garden

We have used different decor elements in the past to create focal pieces within a grand space.  Specifically for this event we utilized two decor elements to really grasp that wow factor.  Within the dinner seating area,  we placed custom over-sized golden frames with lucite chandeliers hanging from the center.  Take a look at the image below, the couple had a amazing photo op with the frame!  I absolutely love introducing focal pieces within open spaces.  Another great decor piece we introduced to this event were tall and substantial mazanita trees that flanked the bride and groom stage, adorned with floral clusters, hanging crystals and candles.  

Centerpiece designs, included a tall lush arrangement, with cascading greenery around the base.  Beautiful green, white and pink florals created a wonderfully abundant tall centerpiece.  Our second design correlated with the oversized trees flanking the couple, just on a smaller scale.  Finally the third design consisting of pillar candles, books, and gold candlestands wrapped with more greenery.  

Special thanks to:
Coordinator: Sterling Engagements
Photographer: Docuvitae
Lighting and sound: Amber Event Productions
Venue: Vibiana