Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FLOWER TRENDS [forecast 2013]

While in Chicago for The Special Events 2013 seminar we had the privilege of hearing two amazing floral designers speak, Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt both IFD certified and award winning designers that have incredible creativity skills and understanding of floral design.  They passionately spoke about the upcoming trends in flower design for 2013. The SYED team left this module feeling excited and inspired!
Check out this link to see the publication by IFD on flower trends.  Flower Trends 2013 IFD publication

We wanted to share some images of events that we have done that showcase these design ideas.  These images are events that we designed in 2012 so we feel pretty excited to be ahead of the trends for the 2013 season!  Just goes to show our forward thinking of the SYED Design team in motion!

[eco chic]
Organic materials presented in a modern contemporary style.
The first image to the left is from IFD's Flower Trends Forecast 2013.  The other two images were from a tabletop design that the team of SYED designed.  We too were thinking ahead and imagining what would be hot for the 2013 season.  We thought that organic elements such as the composite flowers made from green leaves, all white flowers, then mixing crystal bling and shimmer table linen would be very organically chic.  Little did we know we actually captured Eco Chic, upcoming trend for 2013!
SYED images by Andrena Photography

Embraces and honors the past but in a romantic and elegant manner with a modern and nostalgic feel.
Below is a romantic take on the Heirloom Trend.  The image on the left is IFD's inspiring image of vintage meets modern.  Our designs to the right are a fun play on the Heirloom trend with modern elements such as the gold sequins and gold chains, featuring a brighter color palette.
SYED images by Focus Photography

A fantasy of jewel tones with rich and exotic elements of magic, fairytales, and whimsical storybooks.
The upper right image is IFD's version of Enchnted.  SYED design team had a blast dreaming up this next wedding which was located at a 'real' castle in the Holllywood hills.  The renaissance version of a fairytale came to life using lush florals in rich jewel tones.  A very unique and perfectly executed enchanted themed event!
SYED images by Ashleigh Taylor Photography

[personality palette]
Emotions ignite with individuality and express our bright, happy, and playful side.
To the left is an image from the IFD flower trends forecast 2013, to the right is a bouquet that Shawna Yamamoto designed for a fun and cheery bride to be.  One of my favorite bouquets to date!  The flowers were so bright and vivacious and the tulips seemed to be growing from a garden!  What fun!
SYED images by Bound By Photography

We hope you enjoyed seeing what is up and coming for the 2013 season!  I know the SYED team is excited to use this inspiration in our upcoming events!