Thursday, January 31, 2013

Geometric Tabletop Design with La Boheme Events

Geometric in design, purpose in shape, precision in pattern became clear inspirations and expectations for our tabletop design with La Boheme Events for the recent Girari Tabletop Design Contest, last Thursday at the Peterson Automotive Club.  Posed with the challenge to create an unique design based purely on the concept of a triangular,  hour glass shaped table we spotted a great opportunity to combine geometrical and conceptual design. 

Details within this interesting design were created with a specific purpose. The tribal pattern we used had definitive geometric shapes, which were used on multiple areas within the space.  Flanking the middle design stood two acrylic columns with triangular pieces crawling up the design.  Even more detailed, we created geometric designs onto the triangle pieces.  The middle design, two rectangular boxes connected by black and white linear stands.  Keeping the overall theme consistent we brought in stallion horses to resonate back to the tribal pattern furthermore, on the floor we dropped animal hide rugs.  

What an interesting and fun concept for a table top competition!!  A special thanks to Hallie from La Boheme Events!  Amazing photos provided by Christopher Todd Studios.