Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SYED New Services

A new year, calls for new services! Check out SYED newly updated services. 

Updated services include custom packages for each of our clients.  Each package breaks down the level of design and involvement SYED will provide.  It is important for us to have a clear and cohesive breakdown of services to ensure expectations are met for our clients and our level of service is outstanding.

Because each client has different needs and some clients need more assistance, this is custom designed to suite our clients.  We don’t think every client should pay the same price for different level of services. Not all of our packages are designer based, therefore if you are looking for simply execution of your event we can provide that with our Flowers al a carte package.  Additional rentals may be necessary, therefore you can add on rentals al a carte to your Flowers al a carte package.  Designer assistance package provides an extensive amount of creative design from SYED.  For more information about our new services see below or go to our services page at www.shawnayamamoto.com

Flowers al a carte: This is for the client who knows what she wants in flowers, color and style.  This client is hands-on and ready to make this event her own, she needs us only to execute her vision.  This service would be a client directed relationship wherein we produce only flowers for your event.

Rentals al a carte: Once you have booked a Floral package, the client may request bids on certain rentals such as furniture rentals, chairs, linens, dance floor and a few other items in our or our vendor inventory. The client is responsible for determining what type of rental needs they have and communicate rental requests only to us.  We then will get you the best price at a great value and charge you retail only for these services.

Designer Assistance:  This is for the client that doesn’t know what they want and need help figuring it all out!  We will assist in determining your color palette and theme.  After that is determined, our initial brainstorming session will commence the design process. We will complete a design estimate and design boards for each of the environments.  Floor plans for each space will be drafted.  If lighting and other rental items are utilized through our services offered, we will place them into the floor plan, communicate with your lighting designer and secure rentals on your behalf. 

Prices start at $500 and go up to $5000 for this service.