Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love Etc., The US Grant Wedding Show

This weekend we attended and showcased a booth at the US Grant 2012 Wedding Showcase in San Diego.  The three floor, vendor filled extravagant show was compiled of all things elegant and fun.  Complementary wine and food was served as brides walked around to all the wonderful attending vendors.  Within the duration of the show, brides were entertained with a fashion forward runway show and acts by talented dancers and acrobatic artists. 

 For our booth, we collaborated with the talented Nahid from Wedding Elegance.  Pushing for all the great ideas that were exploding in our heads, we decided to showcase a tabletop and lounge area. Our goal was to create a cohesive look for the two areas, however focus on two different styles. The table top was our approach to attract brides who like pretty and elegant tablescapes, while the lounge d├ęcor spoke to a more modern bride.  For this design we used bright colors as magentas and red mixed with black and textured gold and silver.  We incorporated fur and animal skin within the design, creating a grey fur backdrop and finishing it with white snake skin end caps. LOVE LOVE LOVE!  We also incorporated a pop of jade within the design.  Jade is such a fun color to use as an accent color and goes well with bright colors as hues of red and magenta.

Thanks to Gene Higa Photography and Braja Mandala for the wonderful images from this show!!