Monday, April 11, 2011

Love for Color

We have been searching for a while now, and finally an ANSWER! Here at SYED it is critical, no imperative that we have our eyes and mind always updated and reminded of beautiful colors and color trends. It’s important for us as designers and for our clients that we can provide them with the best color combinations out there! ColourLovers is a website that I have recently been dissecting and personally, I love it. Yesterday I got a chance to play with the site a bit. I came up with a color swatch based on a picture from our grand opening last year. Honestly, not more than a minute later I had comments from other color enthusiasts, it was exciting! Brides, ColourLovers has a special tool just for you! The site allows you to play with colors. Don’t be afraid to throw in interesting color combinations together, you might love it when you create and put it into a color swatch! Also, they showcase popular wedding trends. It’s great to see what other brides are coming up with. For the trendy brides, they also show trends in fashion around the world. Businesses, ColourLovers has something just for you as well. For businesses of all kinds, ColorLovers call it the “power of color”. A company can have amazingly strong brand recognition if a consumer can tell you apart by just your brand color. As I was searching through the site I came across an interesting posting session. ColourLovers were posting color swatches and you had to guess what brand it was just by the color. You can tell the companies with the strongest brand recognition, because people guessed correct almost immediately! Pretty interesting! Can not wait to play around with some more colors! Thanks ColourLovers.