Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ecuador Floods Cause Issues in Floral Production

Severe rain fall and storms have caused Ecuador floral production to slow to harsh lows, especially within the rose category. Mother Nature has taken its course through this South America location, tearing apart businesses and homes. Damages from the floods are shocking.

Working with delicate products such as flowers, we are always concerned about the repercussions of Mother Nature. This flooding is just an example of how delicate the market is during specific times of the year and how much we rely on good weather to produce quality products. However, it is easy to lose sight on the real situation at hand. Homes are being swept away and lives are being severely impacted. There is an immediate need for help in these areas in order to get things running as it was before the tremendous floods. Until things can return to normal, in terms of receiving floral for an event you should remain confident in the professionals and experts to produce a quality product that you had hoped to get originally.

The impact in Ecuador has caused us to modify floral orders and work directly with our producers to come up alternative options for our clients. Producers in Holland, Asia and other areas are still producing as normal and although, they may not produce sufficient roses, they have comparable alternatives such as peonies, ranunculus, orchids and tulips. We can also get creative using elements such as ribbon, fabrics, and other non floral d├ęcor to make the event amazing nonetheless!