Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cal State Fullerton Communications Week

We have had so many great interns from Cal State Fullerton who have come to work side by side with our team to understand all aspects that make Shawna Yamamoto Event Design.  Dedicated, hard working students who are interested in the event industry come to SYED and participate in the procedures that goes into the design process; experience is key to these students.  They are a huge part of our production process and executing designs.  Headed by SYED team member Shaynee, these interns work behind the scenes to help prepare all decor elements incorporated in an event whether it be adorning vases or constructing backdrops or prop fabrications.

Today, I had the opportunity to participate in the university's Communcation's Internship Fair.  Along with 14 other companies, SYED offered different intern positions to these communication students.  It was a great opportunity to meet the advisors of this program and eager students who want to come and work for SYED.

I wanted to give a big thanks to CSUF for inviting us to the fair, I had such a great time!!