Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tips for Staying Healthy Throughout the Busy Season

Here at SYED, we have talked a lot about  creating a healthier lifestyle at home and work.  As we dive right into our busy season, we are making better choices and changing in the ways we operate during these extremely busy weeks. It's easy to fall into bad habits when time is crunched.  We are trying new ways not to fall into those bad habits and working on keeping a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy life.

I wanted to provide you with some tips that we try to use on site, in the studio or at home to stay healthy in mind and body.

Tip 1: Keeping hydrated throughout the day. It is easy to forget to drink water throughout an event, especially when there is limited time for execution. We make a conscious effort to make sure we have water, Gatorade, coconut water, anything to keep hydrated with us at all times. Bring a cooler filled with waters to each event.  Just knowing you have water can produce more of an effort to actually drink water throughout the day.  

When your body is becoming dehydrated, you can become more lethargic, slow, and your muscles could cramp up. Not an ideal situation when you have to build out centerpieces, stages, dance floors, backdrops, lighting in a specific time frame.

Tip 2: Stretching and breathing techniques.  The build outs and installations we at SYED create are usually heavy and bulky.  Centerpieces and other decor elements also carry a specific and rather heavy weight.  Stretching helps loosen the muscles and prepare your body for a increase in exertion.We do not want anyone to get hurt, stretching can reduce the risk of pulling muscles or straining your body.  Breathing relaxes and produces more oxygen throughout the body which can also help prepare your body for challenges throughout the day

Tip 3: Conscious effort to get more sleep.  Sleep can sometimes feel like less of a priority when you are so busy,  but the more sleep you can get will only benefit you throughout the week.  Your body will be rested and ready to work to your highest ability.

Tip 4: Positive thinking, positive affirmations, positive working environment.  This is probably one of our most stressed actions at work.  We try not to use words with negative connotations.  We want the work day to be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.  Creating high and positive energy can affect the dynamics of our group and our interactions with other vendors. Bringing positive energy to event days can only set us up for success!!

Try to keep hydrated and healthy this year! Even the smallest efforts to make positive changes in your daily life can really make a difference to your level of happiness in your work and life.


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