Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trends: Eclectic Decor

Design has a multitude of boundless limits when is comes to making a tablescape come to together and look amazing. Depending on the certain style and theme to each event, we cater to all various looks and take an ample amount of time to define and refine our decor.  Some designs are in need of more continuity and flow, while other designs are more free and flexible.  That's what I love about design, nothing is ever the same and  there are no RULES!   Furthermore, breaking what the norm sees as a rule is extremely enticing.

Recently we were invited to create decor items for a WIPA event which had a tantalizing Mad Men theme.  Being that the show is set in 1960's we really wanted to push the retro look, but also mend modern decor elements we see as this years hottest trends!  What we came up with had such an eclectic feel; mixing containers, floral, colors, and detailed decor items.  

This lounge decor had so many different containers and colors, however when placed all together they were such interesting pieces.  Don't miss the hour glass, paper weight bubble ball, alarm clock and martini glass on the tables to add more detail!  

Not only do we get to showcase our ideas at our events, but also in our own SYED studio.  Check out this wall of clocks and potential stage decor that we have come up with! Once again an eclectic feel and such great statement pieces!

We love our little owl!!!! Enjoy!