Friday, January 13, 2012

Pattern LOVE

As the new year is already in full bloom, we focus our attention on designing some of the freshest and most creative concepts for our upcoming events in 2012.  The big question of.... what is going to be the new hot trend for 2012?... burns through our minds everyday.  However, we have already tapped into what we think will be capturing our clients interest this year.  

It is a great treat for us to be able to walk through downtown LA in the fabric district and come across some of the most fun, pretty, and tantalizing fabrics. Its amazing how much inspiration comes just with shopping around. Most recently we have been designing great pieces catching eyes and attention by mixing these fabrics, patterns, and textures.  The combination of blocks of color and the palpation of different surfaces really makes a design different and exciting.  Check out some of the colors and textures we have been playing with here at the SYED studio.

Color Palette 1: Sapphire blue, tangerine orange, ivory, and gold.

Color Palette 2: Kelley green, trellis pattern, solid black, grey or silver.

Color Palette 3: Sea foam blue textured, coral pattern, striped coral, textured light brown, and a true brown.

We can not wait to take some of these amazing colors and textures and translate them into our 2012 designs!  Keep posted!!