Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorite Decor of the Week: A Herbalife Holiday

 What a crazy and busy week for SYED!!! We were lucky to have participated again with Herbalife's annual holiday bash.  This year the design concentrated heavily on mixing metallic and adding that special touch of the holiday season with beautiful greenery and white lush floral.  We wanted to achieve an awe inspiring feeling by created grand ceiling installations.

One installation was suspended above the dance floor.  Guests danced the night away under this over sized ornament ceiling.

Our next big installment had a completely different feeling than the dance floor treatment.  Strips of fabric with lights and hanging ornaments extending 15 feet were suspended creating this entrance piece.  

Below are just some of the tablescape designs we used in one room. Each design consisted of a mixture of ornaments, stars, over sized metallic cones, greenery and illuminated with candlelight.  Every spaced glowed and I walked through each room, holiday cheer was surreal and visible.  What an amazing event!!!

Happy Holidays!!