Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trend Watch: Mixing Metallic

Brainstorming for the right color palette can sometimes turn into a long design session. Its important that the right color portrays the style of the decor, whether the style being traditional, modern, elegant, pretty, linear... the list goes on. Recently, our design juices led us to combine different metallic and colors to create an interesting color palette. On one occasion we used silver, gold, copper mixed with a bold turquoise. The combination of the metallic gave the design that intense glow while the turquoise popped with color.

Another interesting design we recently used combines metallic with different earthly elements. A mixture of wood, water, and metal. Each design stressed a specific element, while slightly introducing the other two elements within the design. What a great conversational piece. I really enjoy little detailed back stories behind the designs.

Stay tuned on our blog and website for the images from these two events!