Thursday, July 21, 2011

Farewell to SYED Team Member, Kandice Owens

We have been expecting this sad day for awhile now. The beautiful and extrememly talented, Kandice Owens is leaving SYED design team. I wish all the best for Kandice and her family, and will truly miss her bubbly personality and diligence.

Kandice began her time with us as one of our hard working interns. A bright student from Cal State Fullerton, Kandice was put to the test with our intern process. She handled all that we gave her and adapted quickly to this industry. I can still remember the day she built out her first centerpiece, Shawna looked at me immediately noted her natural talent. Shawna took her under her wing, taught her the skills to become our head floral team member.

Not only was she essential part of our floral team, but also to Shawna Yamamoto Event Design as a whole. During the design process, Kandice's opinions were important as details to a specific event were filed out. Kandice was also one of our design leads, managing teams and delegating tasks in a fast paced, time crunched environment. Any task that needed to be done, Kandice could do it all.

As we say our goodbyes, we will always think about the amazing job she did here and how we couldnt have ask for a better team member or friend. Thanks for everything Kandice, we will miss you!