Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SYED Intern Challenge

Here at SYED we have created a real world, hands-on internship position that teaches students the procedures and processes of our daily business routines. Pulling students from different educational institutions who are interested in event design, we created this intern process specifically to make it as experiential as possible. Interns are allowed to participate in the design process with the rest of the SYED team, voicing their opinions and giving suggestions. They are also a vital part of executing behind the scenes decor elements.

At a certain point of their time here, each intern is asked to come up with their own tabletop design. To make this as real as possible, guidelines are given. These guidelines act as clients requests, prompting interns with a budget and other specifics that are important to their "clients". It shows them the challenges of coming up with fresh ideas but keeping consistency for what the client requires. Interns are also given a time constraint to execute their tabletop. This helps them understand the day of an event pressures. Execute on time, be able to act and adapt to surrounding issues. The pressure is on!!!!

Today two of our interns were put to the test. Guidelines were set, and a color palette constraint was given. The girls were to only use black, white, and gray. Once the table top is delivered, the rest of the SYED design team give their constructive criticisms and opinions. Here are some inspirations and descriptions of what they came up with.

Design 1: Tanya Hartley "Victorian Vintage"
Tanya's typical style favors a vintage look. She kept that same theme for her first tabletop assignment, using lace and pearls for vase adornments. Tall black candle holders and finials provided this look with height. A black lace runner on a white linen added detail to the tabletop. Tanya also utilized a hanging design element.

Design 2: Elena Sanchez "Elegant Seaside"
Elena's inspiration came from the beach. With the specified color palette this was not a typical beach tabletop. Modern chrome seashell vases and crystals detailed the table. Mirror platforms stayed consistent with the seashell vases provided height for the rest of the vases she used. An awesome platinum linen was also used.

Both designs were very different from one another, showcasing each individuals style. Great job girls!!!