Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Flowers!

The Wedding! How amazing was the couples selections? There was much thought put into there floral design. Prince William and Kate Middleton chose London-based floral designer Shane Connolly as their wedding florist because he's known for a sustainable approach to floristry, focusing on live plants and trees rather than cut ones, and using seasonal and organic flowers. The foilage will come from the royal estates as well as from British growers (wish you could grow flowers like this in your backyard? too!). Check out the English Field Maple trees that are in the church! Four tons of foliage, including eight, 20 foot high trees to recreate a lavish English country garden inside Westminster Abbey.

The red walkway was also an amazing way to simply call attention to the aisle without all the fussy business on the chairs or lining the aisle. It's classic and elegant..and the color selection, royal.

Don't assume this can be accomplished at your church! These tall trees need to have either a 4x4 X base or extra large container that simply won't fit between your pews! However, you can utilize these trees in a church that has removable pews or in a avenue such as the Vibianna, Los Angeles, where this historic cathedral has been "guted" wherein allowing your designer to select placements of chairs or rented pews. We've erected trees similiar to these (only ours were using stock trunks and composite branch filler) using local vendors..however, they are not cheap! You can expect to spend roughly $1800 a tree!

The bouquet flowers..much smaller than you expected? Have you been following European trends? Smaller, loose and slightly cascading and delicate (small) blooms are a necessity! Here Kate has all white and dark greens creating yet another classic choice.

What do I love the most about this wedding? I feel that we got to know Kate as an individual simply by viewing the wedding. She doesn't try to hard, she appears simple and direct. Classic. Thoughtful about the environment. I also think the fact that she didn't go "over-the-top" speaks to her level headedness and her ability to connect with the every day bride.

Are you wedding selections speaking to the true you? Let the team at Shawna Yamamoto Event Design help you find that inner vision!

We cannot wait to see what the flowers inside looked like! Stay posted!