Thursday, March 3, 2011

SYED Designer Competition at the Brea Bridal Show

This was our second year participating in the Brea Bridal Show. We were very excited to be a part of this local show. When deciding how to showcase Shawna Yamamoto Event Design as a company we took a different approach to catch our audience's attention. We decided to have a fun competition between the SYED design team and involve the attending brides.

The rules and guidelines to the competition were as follows: the designers were given a budget, a specific event in the wedding process, and color palette. There were also particular details the designers had to incorporate into their designs. Each had to have a backdrop, utilize a hanging decor element and provide an accessory or bouquet for their specific look.

After a great day spent at the Brea Community Center and 200 votes later, the winner to this competition was Shawna Yamamoto with her wedding reception look. The following information is details and insights from the designers themselves. I hope you enjoy it!

Look #1 The Wedding Reception: Vintage Chic with a Modern Twist

By Shawna Yamamoto

This look was different from my typical style. I wanted to show an elegant way to incorporate greens and design it to maintain a modern feel. The flowers I used for this look were spray roses in lavender and ivory, garden roses in ivory and mixed exotic greens, which were place atop a white candle stand. I designed the backdrop to be flowing and almost whimsical, by using strips of white fabric and integrating hanging greenery and single blooms. I also added smaller bouquets of flowers placed in clear faceted vases, surrounding the larger arrangement. I detailed the napkin treatment by adding a refluxed lavender garden rose to the place setting.

Look #2 The Bridal Shower: Divine Damask

By Kandice Owens

The pattern known as "Damask" has been used for centuries, whether it was painted on the walls of ancient architecture in the 1400s by Italian artists or Chinese Emperors and European Queens gracing this pattern on their robes and gowns, this pattern has grown in popularity over the years and is used for many different things.

Being a huge fan of this pattern, and especially the Victorian Era, I knew I had to incorporate this into my bridal shower design. I wanted to raise the bar and create a new chic look for the modern day bride. Adding a pattern like damask, adds so much more impact on your special day and can be added to any color to give it that extra pop. I chose different shades of purple to give it that girly edge, but still kept it modern by using black candle stands and an upholstered lampshade. I wanted the flowers to look like they were falling down, so the cascade effect would only seem appropriate for this look.

My challenge to all of you future brides out there is to be bold and do something different and unique for your bridal showers so it will be extra special when your friends and family can not stop talking about it!

Look #3 The Bachelorette Party: Sexy Bachelorette

By Lauren Guzman

When first designing this look, I knew I didn't want to do the "typical" Las Vegas bachelorette party. Still I wanted to keep the look sexy yet not pushing that sexiness too much. Inspired by Chanel Wedding Inspiration blog I found on Style Unveiled, I used tool to hand craft flowers to add a sexy element. I detailed the vases also with a tool treatment and lined it with rhinestones. Rhinestones were also added to the center of each crafted tool flower. I added white ostrich feathers to come back to that bachelorette theme. With the shine added by the diamonds and rhinestones, I chose to use a sparkly sequin backdrop with a chic black chandelier detailed with tool garlands. My flower choices consisted of lavender garden roses and white hydrangea sprayed lavender. My favorite part about this look was the accessory, rose petal high heels which were detailed with a monogram and wedding date hand painted on the bottom of the shoes, which I wore for almost the whole show!

Special thanks to Glo Concepts for providing the linens, napkins, chair covers, and stationary.

Venue: Brea Community Center
Rentals: Create-A-Party