Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Real Men Wear Pink

Let’s be honest, ladies we LOVE pink but we know that’s probably not the first color that will come to a grooms mind when choosing a boutonniere for the big day. Don’t worry guys; we’ve got your back! Pretty in pink? No way! We know how to keep your masculinity at its peak on your wedding day.

Sometimes it is all about simplicity and the selection of a unique flower. Check out this boutonniere, a Gloriosa lily adorned with a plain white ribbon. The unique structure of the flower and the natural outline of yellow make it suitable for a groom. Not too flashy but just enough to make a quick statement.

We have also utilized non- floral elements in order to achieve a masculine look. Wire can be a great tool to create artistry within the design. This boutonniere had a simple orchid stem which was wrapped with pink wire.

Whatever the color, it is often interesting to see how masculinity is found within the simplicity and structure from the design of a boutonniere.

Photo 1 provided by: Braedon Photography

Photo 2 provided by: Samson Productions