Monday, February 14, 2011

Tet: Year of the Cat

Here is a sneak peak of our Year of the Kitty Vietnamese New Year Celebration! If you can catch a glimpse of the bar back, you'll see how we cut out the face of Hello Kitty and then attached amazing hand-crafted paper flowers to her. Colorful cabana's were created using chiffon fabrics in orange, red, and pinks. The furniture is our collection with our custom-made velvet slip covers in hot pink. The hanging lanterns were so much fun too! Amber Productions lite up all the paper stars and lanterns through-out the event for us and provided subtle lighting through out the residence. Do you see the cylinders in the outdoor lounge space? We thought it was appropriate to have fish so the kitty had something to feast on :)

Venue: Private Residence
Photography: Russel Gearhart Photography
Furniture: our private collection
Lighting: Amber Productions