Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspiration: Blue Bubbles

A beautiful blue, white and silver reception. When this client said she wanted something unique and different, she wasn't playing around! This St. Regis wedding reception consisted on creating multiple environments within the main ballroom so the guests would have plenty of eye candy. There was a total of 6 different centerpeices ranging from high to low, to square tables to king style tables. We mixed up the linens between blue and white and the flowers between blue and white. Their was over 600 stems of blue hydrangea imported from Holland for this event and yet there was only 8 tables that had the blue hydrangea.

Each centerpeice was hand-crafted by our staff here at Shawna Yamamoto Event Design. These amazing white chandeliers/candleabra's were purchased just for this event and are now available for your special day!

We hope you enjoy and are inspired!

Venue: St. Regis
Photographer: Victor Sizemore
Coordination: Details Details
Lighting: Amber Production