Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inspiration..where does it come from?

I have been very fortunate to travel to many countries and experience a wealth of visual knowledge. When you travel - even if its just up and over the hill to Ponte Winery, if you keep an open and clean mind you will see things..inspirational things. I think that is why all designers can communicate and connect - whether you are a photographer, clothing or textile designer, jewelry designer or like me, an event designer - you communicate using the same language.

Foreign countries if traveled with your eyes and senses can be completly non-verbal (if you can't speak the languages, I speak only English..sorry!) yet completly fullfilling.

Seeing the Mona Lisa from across a room, the brick minaret of the Turkish Hagia Sofia or simply the Amalfi Coast full of lemon trees...inspirational. Color, texture, blending, molding, merging...

Daniel Ost is a Belgian Artist like no other. I came across his work in another international magazine I subscribe too several years ago. He transforms flowers and gardens into soulful 3-D artforms. I simply adore his works and he takes me away to a foreign country every time I visit his site or read one of his books.

Which is why I am writing today....I am feeling inspired by his latest book "Invitations II". Available on international bookstores online today.