Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ceremony Magazine 2010 - OC Edition

Please pick up the newest edition of Ceremony Magazine, Orange County Edition. You will get some inspirations for consideration at your wedding and get to see Shawna Yamamoto Event Design as well!

One tabletop featured in Ceremony 2010 in particular was inspired by my favorite Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. I can recall the moment I saw the original painting in person on one of my trips to Vienna, Austria. It was so powerful that it brought me to tears. It's beautifully tangled and twisted and tells a story of love - which I found to be perfect for a wedding tabletop photo shoot.

It's always challenging bringing art to life...but I enjoyed the challenge. I hope it inspires you and makes you want to see more in a tabletop than just another pretty flower arrangement. Every part of a wedding can hold a meaning & hold something near and dear to you within its interpretation. Even if the two of you are the only ones who "get" it.

The tabletops backdrop was constructed out of plywood and painted in copper and brushed with black to work off the background in the painting.
The original painting has actual gems and gold leaf work so I wanted to emphasize the importance of the gold of the painting and bring that into the all gold, tone on tone linens. Wildflower linens creator, Young, brought the falling greens/golds at the base of the painting to life with her amazing chair covers. The hanging crystals pay tribute to the original paintings use of gems and to the country's amazing crystals (Swaravski Crystals). The male is the geometric boxes on the left while she is the golden falling crystals and multi-colored floral garlands on the right. Amber Yin of AmberProductions used her genius of specialized lighting and spotlighted our hand-made crystal chandelier and up lite the backdrop to create the glow you see. The crystals intentionally "kiss" everything below it, rather than falling onto it. I felt it would help symbolize the title of the work if we cut out the crystals around the custom-made geometric vase rather than allowing them to fall all around it.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures and perhaps understand the depth to my designs. Rarely do I design something without meaning or without somehow connecting it to the couple and/or the celebration.